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Pacific Northwest Painting Inc. was founded in 1994 by Chris and Fawnda Nosworthy. Chris began with just one vehicle and one employee. Through growth and dedication Chris and Fawnda purchased a commercial building expanding to over 15 employees, through continued growth they broke ground on a new office and and exterior pre stain shop while also purchasing a stain and lacquer shop facility across the street located in Hayden, Idaho. Operating with over 40 employees and 2 commercial buildings Chris and Fawnda's goal overtime was to have PNWP operating under one roof. In 2018 they moved operations across the street and completely remodeled there office and added an additional exterior pre stain shop with an attached breezeway for equipment onto there existing  stain and lacquer facility. There goal became a reality in 2019. Some employees have been with PNWP for over 17 years and play big roles in the operations of the company. PNWP holds a lasting reputation in the area for their quality, dedication to the project and standing by what they say their going to do. Over the years Chris and Fawnda have been very generous in giving back to the community, supporting numerous youth sports teams and donating to many local organizations. Chris and Fawnda are blessed with two wonderful boys and a daughter in law who keep there life very busy and full of entertainment outside of work. Chris and Fawnda are proud to say their company is turning into a second generation business and look forward to many more years of serving our clients. 

Cameren, Kendall, Chris & Fawnda, Colbey, RJ

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